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The main activity of the Public Research Body EUPLA R+D+i is focused on the field of hydraulic and environmental engineering, electronic instrumentation as well as the manufacture and characterization of advanced materials. To this end, the center offers three strategic lines of action:

  • The promotion of wide-ranging research projects.
  • The design and implementation of innovative products in the sectors EUPLA R+D+I works in.
  • The provision of specific technological services that help Aragonese and national companies involved in strategic areas overcome the technological gap.

The EUPLA (La Almunia Politechnic School) hosts the Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Group (GIHA), created in 2010 as a working group to catalyze and guide the activity associated with the new EUPLA Civil Engineering Degree in the fields of hydraulic and hydrological as well as environmental and sanitary engineering. In 2012, EUPLA became a member of Zinnae - Cluster for the efficient use of water, through the GIHA Group. The cluster has 39 members (60% of them are companies) and in 2015 received the official recognition as an Emerging Research Group by the Government of Aragon for the period 2015-2017.

At that stage, GIHA was made up of 9 researchers with different profiles whose field of activity is related to research, training and transfer of results in water and environmental engineering. At the end of 2017, a new GIHA strategic project was defined. This led to the renewal of the group's official recognition as a Developing Research Group and its funding for the period 2017-2019 in order to be further acknowledged as a Research Excellence Group. The GIHA has currently 11 full members and 1 collaborating member.

In addition, EUPLA´s Teaching and Research Staff participate as effective researchers in multiple research groups of the University of Zaragoza recognized by the Government of Aragon:

  • Nuclear Physics and Astroparticle Physics Group (GIFNA)
  • High Energy Theoretical Group (GTAE)
  • Research and Innovation Group for the Teaching of Information and Communication Technologies (GIDTIC)
  • New Vehicle and Road Safety Technologies Group (VEHIVIAL)
  • Stochastic Modeling Group
  • Land Use and Land Use Planning Study Group (GEOT)
  • Aragonese Observatory of Art in the Public Sphere (OAAEP)
  • Advanced Interfaces Research Group (AffectiveLab)
  • Architecture Research Group (GIA)
  • Mechanical and Biological Engineering Multiscale Group (M2BE)

EUPLA is recognized as a Technology Transfer Office (OTRI) and also registered in the CICYT (Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology) since April 2002. In 2017, the process of registration in the Electronic Registry created by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness was completed, thus complying with the current regulations on electronic administration.

The activity of the Technology Transfer Office-EUPLA was relaunched in the 2018 fiscal year, when the Research Sub-Directorate designed a set of processes and controls to promote the participation of EUPLA´s Teaching and Research Staff in the following types of projects and activities:

  • Services
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Research projects
  • Non-regulated training

The supervision of the procedures and control of the projects corresponds to the EUPLA´s Deputy Director of Research.

Technological work at EUPLA is carried out by different university research groups:

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