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One of the aims of the Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de La Almunia, is to prepare students to be professionals. The Spanish regulations establish common general curriculum directives for university degrees that are official and valid throughout the country, on establishing the need that in university studies subjects be introduced that are directed towards the preparation for the practice of professional activities, expressly planned with the possibility of evaluating as credits internships and professional work, academically addressed and integrated into the curriculum.

It becomes important to promote collaboration among universities, business and other public and private bodies to complete the education of the university students with professional experience that they can attain in the business sphere.

The general framework of this University-Business cooperation can be found in the regulations that govern Educative Cooperation Programmes and planned with “the aim to strengthen the education of university students in companies' operating areas to produce professionals with a real view of the problems and their inter relationships, preparing their future incorporation into the labour market, Universities can establish, by means of agreement with a company, educative cooperation programmes where the company's participation is agreed to in the specialized and practical preparation required to prepare students”.

These programmes are planned for students who have achieved over 50% of the credits needed to obtain a university degree.

All degrees offered in EUPLA, Mechatronics, Management and Civil Engineering and Technical Architecture, offer their students the possibility to do an internship as part of their degree studies. An internship however, is not compulsory but part of their elective credits.

The duration of these company internships cannot exceed 50% of the complete academic year.

Finally and in reference to the formal structure, the present regulations contain a series of general conditions applicable to all types of company internships (requirements and student selection, content and duration of the internships, tutorials, assessments, etc.) and aso include other conditions that will be specific to those internships where academic value is recognised (The number of hours needed to recognise ECTS is measured as 60 hours). As a 6-ECTS credit subject/activity, the internship corresponds to 360 hours in company training. Students must also write up an Internship log and report.

EUPLA has agreements with a wide range of companies in the area where our students can do their internship.

The Internship Department can be contacted via

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